Greentech Data Center for SCADA and Remote Monitoring

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) allows for real-time monitoring and supervisory control of every turbine in a wind farm. The GreenTech SCADA system is a centralized data centre based in India. It analyses historical data, using intelligent analytics and reporting tools to manage assets and optimise performance. Turbine status, wind direction and speed, power generation, errors causes, condition-based monitoring and backup monitoring are monitored.

Predictive production forecasts work to increase revenue and reduce operational expenses. Course correction takes place quickly, with on-site technicians remedying the situation, resulting in removing downtime and ramping up production.

GreenTech provides 24/7 turbine monitoring. Our SCADA system is configured with the most efficient setup to work with all leading OEM systems. Your turbine is 24/7 monitored for performance, events & emergency alerts.

To improve efficiency, we monitor the following and provide overnight site reports to on-site team.

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