Asset Performance & Management
GreenTech ensures that your green assets are well-maintained, providing you many years of growth and progress.
Asset Performance & Management for Wind Turbines

At GreenTech, your assets-no matter the location, make, capacity and type- are managed 24/7 by a team of operators and technicians. Every single turbine and site is connected to the GreenTech monitoring facility, capable of being operated and controlled remotely. Our solutions simplify the process, eliminating the use of multiple OEM SCADA systems.

Trust GreenTech to deliver asset protection and reliability management, data analytics and comprehensive reporting, cost modelling and efficiency identification and bridging for operation, insurance and warranty.

GreenTech harnesses the power of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to perform its operations.

Quality Assurance & Inspection

The GreenTech promise is for quality assurance and inspection. The knowledge of the state of the turbines helps our clients stay ahead, be proactive and better plan for the future. GreenTech’s quality inspection service covers the entire life cycle of the wind turbine, offering end of warranty inspection and in-warranty inspection.

GreenTech- tailor-made. Patented. Innovative. Timely.
Trust us for your multi-brand operations and maintenance services.

Due Diligence

GreenTech understands the importance of maintenance in the life of green assets. Proper upkeep preserves the quality and efficiency of the windmill, creating revenue opportunities for the company.

Cutting-edge technology is supported by due diligence at every step of the way. This includes:

On Site Inspection
SCADA Analytics
Control Measure
GreenTech - Tailor-made. Patented. Innovative. Timely.
Trust us for all your Multi-brand Operations & Maintenance services

Established in 2007, GreenTech is a comprehensive solution for all operations and maintenance requirements in the wind turbine domain. Our track record speaks of our trusted and superior service.

Tailor Made
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    What Our Clients Say?
    GreenTech Megawatt
    Exceeded our Expectations
    We appreciate the professional approach and outstanding services rendered by GreenTech with their ‘Comprehensive Annual Maintenance’ for eleven of our wind turbines. We are impressed with their team’s swift actions during accident, brake-down or emergency, ensuring maximum uptime of our turbines.
    GreenTech Megawatt
    Best O&M Vendor
    Greentech is spot-on when it comes to troubleshooting or servicing wind turbines. Their service and maintenance plans are quite upmarket, and they delivered up to our expectations.