Craneless operation with Self Hoisting Crane

The most complex challenge with replacement of components on a tall turbine, lies with the availability and cost of the large sized cranes.

The practical difficulties with mobilisation, the capacity and the hiring cost of the crane goes up drastically with the increased hub height, affecting the operation cost, added to the existing challenges in erecting components at hub height of over 80 meters.

Self-hoist crane is a innovative solution, that would revolutionise its market in the coming years. GreenTech with its patented solution, has handled many crane-less execution of wind turbine de-erection and re-erection in last 2 years, with Max. Lifting and Lowering capacity is 45 Tons for Tower Height of 100 meters.

Components possible to be lowered and erected using Self hoisting crane are:

  • Gearbox
  • Generator
  • Rotor
  • Single Blade
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