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GreenTech ensures that your green assets are well-maintained, providing you years of growth and progress.
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It is not enough to ‘go green’
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Siemens Gamesa is a veteran of the wind energy world. With 40 years of experience and a strong presence in close to 90 countries, the company has pioneered innovations like the Recyclable Blade and Wind2H2 project.

Inox Wind is a multi-component manufacturer from India. Apart from an integrated manufacturing unit in Madhya Pradesh, the company’s high-tech manufacturing hubs in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh produce premier quality blades & tubular towers, and hubs & nacelles.

One of the youngest players in the wind energy space, ReGen Powertech had its modern-day manufacturing facility in Andhra Pradesh which produced multi megawatt direct drives (gear-less) WECs with permanent magnet technology.

A doyen in the renewable energy world, Suzlon is present in eighteen countries, its innovations leading the green energy revolution across six continents. In its 20+ years of experience, Suzlon has changed the way the world looks at alternative sources of energy.

Known its sustainable energy solutions, Vestas offers a plethora of products in three turbine platforms. The company has 40 years of experience in manufacturing, and has been in India since 1997. Vestas India works closely with local communities and has a slew of CSR initiatives too.

Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems

Our name says it all- we use avant-garde technology to manage and operate green assets.

GreenTech uses forward-looking technology to provide operations and management services for renewable energy assets, across the globe. With the help of AI-driven analytical engines, GreenTech successfully enhances the performance and longevity of assets, creating better ROI on investments and sustainable growth.

Data Collection
It all starts with collection and collation of extensive data from the turbine through various tools.
This data is then used to benchmark our operational services, aiming for best practices.
Proprietary 3P Model
Our 3P- Preventive, Predictive and Proactive- Model helps to keep your assets running.
The GreenTech Edge
With a firm presence in India, GreenTech is well-equipped to handle region-specific situations here. The global approach comes from our strong presence in Spain, plans in the USA and sub-vendors in China. We work with companies that are headquartered in Europe, Japan, and other parts of the world, bringing you international experience, know-how, and expertise.
GreenTech is a third–party asset management company, allowing for timely deployment of allied services like manpower, and cranes. Rising costs of operations and maintenance of aging assets can be prohibitive. Using a third-party asset management company is a cost-effective and efficient method to work around this. GreenTech services are easily accessible, and the company is ready to handle all operations and maintenance requirements.
How do you ensure proper upkeep and smooth running of your turbines? GreenTech offers you a plethora of services in a timely, track-able way. Among these are a multi-brand approach, 24/7 monitoring, comprehensive services and SCADA systems to keep an eye on things. What’s more, our partnership with GARLO- Spain enables us to procure advanced repair and maintenance technologies from Europe, too.
GreenTech - Tailor-made. Patented. Innovative. Timely.
Trust us for all your Multi-brand Operations & Maintenance services

Established in 2007, GreenTech is a comprehensive solution for all operations and maintenance requirements in the wind turbine domain. Our track record speaks of our trusted and superior service.

Tailor Made
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    GreenTech Megawatt
    Exceeded our Expectations
    We appreciate the professional approach and outstanding services rendered by GreenTech with their ‘Comprehensive Annual Maintenance’ for eleven of our wind turbines. We are impressed with their team’s swift actions during accident, brake-down or emergency, ensuring maximum uptime of our turbines.
    GreenTech Megawatt
    Best O&M Vendor
    Greentech is spot-on when it comes to troubleshooting or servicing wind turbines. Their service and maintenance plans are quite upmarket, and they delivered up to our expectations.