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Renewable energy holds a wonderful promise for the future. Alternative sources of energy, like solar, water and wind are where the future lies. Clean, abundant, cost-effective, and sustainable, they are a bright hope for a greener, gentler world. Among these, wind energy has been much-talked about in the last many years.

For this source of energy to be efficient and used well, the quality of wind turbines is of paramount importance. Poor quality operations, blades, delay in repairs and shoddy maintenance- any of these reasons can result in significant losses of energy and revenue for all parties.

This is where we come in. GreenTech ensures that your green assets are well-maintained, providing you many years of growth and progress.

Improving The Performance Of Wind Energy.
Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems!

Our name says it all- we use avant-garde technology to manage and operate green assets.

GreenTech uses forward-looking technology to provide operations and management services for renewable energy assets, across the globe. With the help of AI-driven analytical engines, GreenTech successfully enhances the performance and longevity of assets, creating better ROI on investments and sustainable growth.

Data Collection
It all starts with collection and collation of extensive data from the turbine through various tools.
This data is then used to benchmark our operational services, aiming for best practices.
Proprietary 3P Model
Our 3P- Preventive, Predictive and Proactive- Model helps to keep your assets running.
3rd party asset management company are cost-effective & efficient method to work.

The GreenTech Edge

Established in 2007, GreenTech is a comprehensive solution for all operations and maintenance requirements in the wind turbine domain. Our track record speaks of our trusted and superior service.

Hyper local with a global approach
Cost-effective Solutions and Services
Bouquet of services to keep your assets running
Our Core Values
Create a space for ourselves as a leader in wind energy solutions and services

Offer quality and affordable service to our customers, thereby leveraging them with quicker ROI

Continuous R&D to provide specialized services to customers throughout the lifespan of their renewable energy assets
Deliver “Best in class” wind energy services to benefit our customers and our planet

Cater to optimised generation and performance needs of customers’ wind turbines and wind farms

Be a trusted wind energy service partner by leveraging our technical and strategical capabilities
Quality Policy
GreenTech will always remain committed to ensure that quality defines and refines all our operations.

We will deliver our commitment on uptime and generation by taking care of the client’s renewable assets round-the-clock.

Our passion and promise are guarantees for smarter, safer and greener energy investments.
GreenTech - Tailor-made. Patented. Innovative. Timely.
Trust us for all your Multi-brand Operations & Maintenance services

Established in 2007, GreenTech is a comprehensive solution for all operations and maintenance requirements in the wind turbine domain. Our track record speaks of our trusted and superior service.

Tailor Made
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    Providing value to our clients through ongoing
    Product & Innovation.
    GreenTech is an example of how technology can be used positively and well. Bring home the green assets. Leave the rest to GreenTech.
    We are an equal-opportunity employer, and believe in encouraging talent of the highest calibre.
    What Our Clients Say?
    GreenTech Megawatt
    Exceeded our Expectations
    We appreciate the professional approach and outstanding services rendered by GreenTech with their ‘Comprehensive Annual Maintenance’ for eleven of our wind turbines. We are impressed with their team’s swift actions during accident, brake-down or emergency, ensuring maximum uptime of our turbines.
    GreenTech Megawatt
    Best O&M Vendor
    Greentech is spot-on when it comes to troubleshooting or servicing wind turbines. Their service and maintenance plans are quite upmarket, and they delivered up to our expectations.