Safety Protocol
High Operational Safety with People and Wind Assets

GreenTech is committed to the health and safety of all employees. The company policy on safety is reviewed each year. Employees are given a copy of the policies manual and are urged to become familiar with its contents.

Only licensed personnel may operate forklifts or other warehouse equipment and must wear a seatbelt while doing so. A truck must not be unloaded alone under any circumstances. This applies on and off GreenTech property.

Visitors and customers are to be escorted by staff while on company property.

Strict safety protocols
Proper gears for safe operations
Onsite safety with pictorial signs
Operational manuals for each task
Mechanical aids like Cranes for heavy object lifting
Strict guidelines for operations in bad weather
GreenTech Megawatt
Wind Turbine Service
Wind Turbine Service
The first step towards safety
Safety Gear
Appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (referred as PPE) must be worn at all times when visiting or working on site.

Suitable clothing is a must. Hard hats, safety vests, safety footwear, gloves, and dust masks are to be worn at all times on site.
Wind Turbine Service
Wind Turbine Service
Wind Turbine Service
The next level of safety
On Site Safety
  • Pictorial Signs are placed in several places in the turbines for ease of understanding.
  • All safety literature must be read by all personnel.
  • Smoking, illegal substances and alcohol consumption is not permitted in any part of the warehouse or office.
  • Areas of specific scientific or historical interest are to be identified, roped off and strictly out of bound
  • All waste must be disposed of in the bins or in the containers provided by relevant personnel.
  • Hand tools are to be used for their intended purpose only.
Wind Turbine Service
Wind Turbine Service
Wind Turbine Service
Safe with Nature
Weather Safety
  • Access to the wind turbine and site area is forbidden in storms, hurricanes and extreme wind conditions.
  • Prior to a task being conducted, the supervisor and/or site manager should determine whether or not the limit for maximum allowed wind speeds for the specific task is exceeded.
  • If cranes are involved, the supervisor/site manager, with the crane drive, should decide whether or not the tasks can be completed within the maximum wind speed limits.
  • Specified critical wind speeds in installation and service data must be considered, wherever possible.
  • Local circumstances and regulations must always be taken into consideration before any task is carried out.
Wind Turbine Service
Wind Turbine Service
Self Hoisting Crane
Safety with Cranes
Crane Work
  • When possible, mechanical aids must be used for lifting.
  • The lift process must be planned and all involved personnel must be clear about the plan.
  • There must be proper communication between all involved. Internationally recognised crane signals should be used at all times. Two-way radios or mobile phones must be used.
  • Only trained and competent personnel must carry out lifting of main components such as tower sections, nacelle and rotor.
  • No persons other than those involved in the lifting procedure may enter the lifting area.
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What Our Clients Say?
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Exceeded our Expectations
We appreciate the professional approach and outstanding services rendered by GreenTech with their ‘Comprehensive Annual Maintenance’ for eleven of our wind turbines. We are impressed with their team’s swift actions during accident, brake-down or emergency, ensuring maximum uptime of our turbines.
GreenTech Megawatt
Best O&M Vendor
Greentech is spot-on when it comes to troubleshooting or servicing wind turbines. Their service and maintenance plans are quite upmarket, and they delivered up to our expectations.