Spare Parts and Repair
GreenTech ensures that your green assets are well-maintained, providing you many years of growth and progress.
Spare Parts & Repair for Wind Turbines

Finding the right part at the right time is crucial to the efficient running of any machine. At GreenTech, no matter the platform or size of the fleet of wind turbines, clients will always have access to spare parts and repair services.

We have over 10 major component repair partners across India, 10+ repair loops for minor components, more than 100 global and local suppliers, over 800 different parts in stock and an in-house electronic & mechanical component repair facility. For obsolete components, we use our technical know-how to reverse engineer solutions. GreenTech practises retrofit services, using new, updated equipment on existing assets to improve performance and extend life.

Our dependable and agile supply-chain network comprises global & domestic suppliers, enabling us to deliver spare parts across the world to our clients.

Repair Services

Get components repaired, instead of replacing them to reduce your Operation and Maintenance costs.

Turbine’s performance depends on the quality of spares and how fast the repairs are completed, making it critical to your business. Greentech assures that your turbine would be back to operation at quickest turnaround time. Our cost-effective and valuable services ensures smoother operation of your business. Our repair services are designed for your specific needs and benefits.

External repairs
In-house repairs
Component Servicing

For a turbine to operate at an optimum level, all its components are needed to be in good condition. Generator, Gearbox and Blades are some of the critical components of a turbine, as their functionality has the highest impact on the turbine’s performance.

That’s why we evolved with economical and faster methods to service these components to reduce the risk for our patrons.

Our multi-brand services offers a wide variety of services and solutions for almost all major turbine brands.

The GreenTech Edge
With a firm presence in India, GreenTech is well-equipped to handle region-specific situations here. The global approach comes from our strong presence in Spain, plans in the USA and sub-vendors in China. We work with companies that are headquartered in Europe, Japan, and other parts of the world, bringing you international experience, know-how, and expertise.
GreenTech is a third–party asset management company, allowing for timely deployment of allied services like manpower, and cranes. Rising costs of operations and maintenance of aging assets can be prohibitive. Using a third-party asset management company is a cost-effective and efficient method to work around this. GreenTech services are easily accessible, and the company is ready to handle all operations and maintenance requirements.
How do you ensure proper upkeep and smooth running of your turbines? GreenTech offers you a plethora of services in a timely, track-able way. Among these are a multi-brand approach, 24/7 monitoring, comprehensive services and SCADA systems to keep an eye on things. What’s more, our partnership with GARLO- Spain enables us to procure advanced repair and maintenance technologies from Europe, too.
GreenTech - Tailor-made. Patented. Innovative. Timely.
Trust us for all your Multi-brand Operations & Maintenance services

Established in 2007, GreenTech is a comprehensive solution for all operations and maintenance requirements in the wind turbine domain. Our track record speaks of our trusted and superior service.

Tailor Made
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    GreenTech Megawatt
    Exceeded our Expectations
    We appreciate the professional approach and outstanding services rendered by GreenTech with their ‘Comprehensive Annual Maintenance’ for eleven of our wind turbines. We are impressed with their team’s swift actions during accident, brake-down or emergency, ensuring maximum uptime of our turbines.
    GreenTech Megawatt
    Best O&M Vendor
    Greentech is spot-on when it comes to troubleshooting or servicing wind turbines. Their service and maintenance plans are quite upmarket, and they delivered up to our expectations.